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OUR STORY BEGINS... 1979, a man with an American dream took a risk to begin a business that was once only an idea. John Tsianakas, owner of the original Brothers Pizza on Lakeview Avenue, began his journey in the pizza world. Working tirelessly to provide the best quality and tasting food to his local Dracut community, it was John’s goal to ensure each customer was satisfied with their food & service. Serving the best pizza around (period.) was his mission. Residents took a liking to his Greek style pizza and Brothers Pizza quickly became a local favorite. Years later, the father of two - made his restaurant a true family business when his son, Peter, took interest in the restaurant industry. John believed that in order to run a restaurant, one must know & have worked all positions - & that is exactly what Peter did. 


Fast forward to 2006, John and his son Peter opened a second location across town in Village Square - a location where Peter would operate & eventually expand into something more. Born & raised in Dracut, Peter also believed in serving quality food, providing great service alongside giving back to his community. 

John Tsianakas, at the original Brothers Pizza store front on Lakeview Avenue, Dracut, 1979


Peter Tsianakas, setting up the Brothers Tree donation at the Methuen Festival of Trees 2018


Come 2012, it was time for Brothers Pizza II to expand. Brothers Sports Bar & Grille was the name and serving delicious food & drinks was the game. In just a few years, Brothers became thee local spot for dining out and enjoying adult beverages. With an added dining room space, BSB&G had the capability to throw great holiday events, fundraisers and seat larger customers’ parties.


Giving back to the community became an important aspect of the Tsianakas family's beliefs. Without the customers, Brothers Pizza & BSB&G would not be what they are today. With that in mind, Peter & his father John believed it was important to give back - whether it was through fundraisers or making large donations. Just to name a few, over the last few years, both locations have participated in a month long fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation in October where $1 for every large pizza sold was donated. Collectively over the years, over $15,000 was raised. In May of 2016, a 5K from Brothers 1 to BSB&G was held to benefit the Specialist Pollini Foundation. Again, a great turn out of local support & money raised. 

As of January 2019 and after 40 years of serving Dracut, MA - John retired and sold Brothers Pizza Lakeview! As one door closed on a long time legacy a new one would soon open July 2019.

Peter expanded Brothers Sports Bar & Grille on Broadway for a 2nd time! This time, with an updated remodel, an expanded dining area and private function room.


With events picking up steam, the COVID era hit putting a big fat halt to all events and dining for months. Thankfully, our incredible community continued to support & keep our our mom & pop afloat through take out and delivery. We couldn't help but give back to those who sacrificed so much to take care of our local communities. During COVID, we came up with a Gift A Pizza program, where community members could join us in gifting pizzas to first responder departments of all kinds - firefighters, nurses, doctors, police officers, nursing home staff, hospital workers, you name it! It was truly heartwarming seeing so many locals join in on the support towards our first responders. Check out our instagram highlights under Give Back for photos & details. 

It is 2022 and we have been working towards our own restaurant goals. Dracut is growing and we are constantly striving to keep our service & food quality in top form for our customers and community. One of Peter's passions is to keep things fresh & fun while bringing new items to the menu regularly, whether they are through weekend specials, seasonal food & beverages or feature pop up live music artists & bands. With all the noise in this world, we continue to strive to keep that small town restaurant vibe and be the familiar space that serves great food & drinks to our local community.  

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